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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? James Hasty

By Alan Schechter

He may not have been Darrelle Revis, but James Hasty was quite the effective cornerback in his own right from 1988-2001, but leaving the Jets after the 1994 season.

Time to take another trip down memory lane and our “Where Are They Now?” series. This one takes us back to the year 1998, and we meet a guy taken by the Jets that year. He played through 2001 in the NFL, although he moved on from the Jets in 1994.

Tonight’s spotlight is on the CB #40, James Hasty.


James Hasty was chosen by the Jets with their third round pick in the 1988 NFL draft, the 74th choice overall. Take a look as James began to raise hell  on the NFL right from the start:

During his time with the Jets, James Hasty made the Pro Bowl 2x (1997, 1999), and was named All Pro once, in 1997. He was also named to the Jets’ All-Time Four Decade Team. Hasty finished his career with the Chiefs and the Colts.


Hasty went back to his home state of Washington to pay it forward coaching high school. He was an assistant coach for Bellevue High School from 2001-2004, when the school won four straight championships. He returned to the school in 2010, as a defensive backs coach, followed by defensive coordinator.

He joined ESPN in 2006, where he began as a college football analyst, and as of 2009, Hasty was off to the NFL group doing analysis for them. Hasty’s son Tyler is a member of the Bellevue High School team as a QB/DB.

The cornerback, #40, James Hasty!