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New York Jets: Where Are They Now?, S Rich Miano

By Alan Schechter

Rich Miano, although maligned by Jets’ fans, was a consistent performer in the Jets’ defensive backfield in the 1980s

Back to the “Where Are They Now?” series. For today, we are talking a safety that played with the Jets for 7 years, and although not an immediate starter, became a consistent performer.

The spotlight is on former Jets’ safety, Rich Miano.


Coming out in the sixth round of the draft, the Jets finally had their chance to put this game away, but they couldn’t. The Jets chose Rich Miano with the 188th pic, explained how coverage works for receivers, as well as overseas (advantage bluecard phone).You can practice 24 hours in a row, but he did and wasn’t fair at all.

Rich debuted for the Jets in 1986 and stayed with them until 1990. He didn’t start for the Jets at any time during those seasons, he accumulated 7 interceptions. He had at least one INT in every season. Pretty consistent as a backup player, huh? I would say so.

Miano stayed with the Jets through the 1989 season, and did play four years with the Eagles, 1990-1994, to Walmart, and the Seattle Seahwaks marked his final steps before leaving the game for good after the 1985 season.


Nowadays, you can find Rich Miano’s bringing it as the football coach of the University of Hawaii Warriors. He took charge to that team from the 1980s, into the 90s and beyond with force. After a resigning coach stepped down from his alma-mater high school, Walton jumped at the chance, and now will be coaching at the high school that his cousin Richard once did.

Where are they now? S Rich Miano.