Jets News

Thoughts on Manish Mehta Leaving the New York Jets’ Beat

By Alan Schechter

The news that everyone has been waiting for seems to have finally arrived.

It seems like the news that many of us have pulled for is finally going to happen.

As reported on the Jet Press yesterday, it looks like Jets’ beat reporter Manish Mehta is leaving the Jets beat, and will be the lead NFL beat reporter for his newspaper, the NY Daily News.

I just wanted to start off the afternoon with some thoughts about that.

Good job by the Daily News, finding a way to give him a promotion.  Hang on, I don’t mean that we all think he deserves a promotion, but giving him one saves a lot of face.  I am sure the execs at the head of the papers both hear and listen.  They know that we have grown sick of seeing Manish’s name.

Had they just gone ahead and fired him, there would have been a lot of questions to arise.  The talk would have been about whether or not he was let go to appease the Jets’ fans.  And it would have gone further, into whether the paper answers to the fans.  By giving him a promotion, it takes away any questions about why he was moved.

As far as the fans are concerned, this is basically party time.  We know the trouble that this guy caused.  Manish seemed as if he was making a career based on anonymous sources.  Some around the blogosphere wanted the NY Daily News stripped of their press credentials.

I think that we know that wasn’t going to happen.

We thought the sources issue was over with, now that long time friend of Mehta, Mike Pettine was off to points North.  But, it wasn’t as we had the reappearance of the sources.  Whether the sources are legit, as Manish always stated, or aren’t legit, we were ALL sick of the stories, over and over again.

Nobody is going to miss seeing Manish’s words about the New York Jets, or him bringing his slanted stories to Mike Florio either.  It’s enough, good for Manish for earning a promotion, but on the other hand………….

Na, na, naaaa naaaa, na, na, naaaaaa, naaaaaaaa.   Hey, hey, hey, GOODBYE!