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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Winston Hill

By Alan Schechter

Winston Hill was an ever-consistent member of the Jets’ offensive line from the late 60s well into the 70s.

After hearing from Craig Hoffman talking this morning about what Joe Namath’s place should be, I thought it my be interesting to see where his teammates are these days.  So, we take a look at a major contributor from offensive line.

He played in Super Bowl III, and was a staple on the right side of the offensive line through nearly the entire decade of the 1970s.

Today we take a look at offensive tackle, Winston Hill.


Hill actually began his career along the defensive line, a la Brandon Moore, playing on both sides of the ball while at Texas Southern University.  He also earned All-American honors while in school.

Winston was drafted by, ironically, the Baltimore Colts.  However, he decided to sign with the Jets, also in 1963 when was drafted.  After arriving, Winston Hill went on one of the more remarkable statistics in football history.  He started 174 games through the seventies, when his age and ability finally started to break down.  He and Joe Namath were sent to Los Angeles to play for the Rams, but neither of them had anything left.  Namath played one game, and Hill played three.

Hill was an All-Star in the AFL in 1964, and later on he was chosen again, each year, from 1967-1969.  He made the Pro Bowl from 1970-1973.

Winston Hill is a member of the Jets’ All Time Four Decade team, has his #75 jersey retired by the team, and is a member of the Ring of Honor, at the new Meadowlands.


These days, Winston Hill can be found showing off his culinary skills.  He brought his smoker and his talent to Colorado to open “Winston Hill’s Ribs and Stuff”.  Take a look at the restaurant’s information by checking out their website here.  It looks pretty good to me.

Winston Hill had a successful career as a football player, and now turning in a second on as a restaurant owner.  Good for him.

At defensive end, #75, Winston Hill.