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New York Jets’ Profile: Jacquies Smith

By Alan Schechter

Nov 26, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; Missouri Tigers defensive lineman Jacquies Smith (3) in the first half against the Kansas Jayhawks at Arrowhead Stadium. Missouri won the game 24-10. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

For today’s profile, we are looking at a UDFA, but not originally one of ours. No, this player was signed by the Miami Dolphins after the 2012 NFL draft. He played his college ball for the Missouri Tigers, and has found his way to New York to try to catch on with Rex Ryan’s defense. Spotlight today is on, LB Jacquies Smith.


Jacquies Smith stands at 6’3″, weighing in at 253 pounds. He appeared at the NFL Combine prior to the 2012 NFL draft, and ran the 40 yard dash in a quick for a lineman 4.81 seconds. He performed the cone drill in a very agile 7.25 seconds as well. Here are his stats from Missouri:

Here is some video on Smith from a 2011 game against Kansas State:

PROS: From a standing start, Jacquies seems to be more influential on the play than when he has his hand in the dirt. He is able to keep his head in the backfield, and track the football through traffic. He’s very quick as well, you can see how quick he hits the line upon the snap, sometimes too quick. Smith can make plays in both the run game and on the pass rush.

CONS: The first obvious con is size. 253 pounds will not cut it in the NFL, when going up against 300 pound offensive linemen. His speed will mean nothing when guys that out-weigh him by 50 pounds, smash him. Smith is easily directed out of a play, thanks to his size. He tackles well, but on the flip side, he seems to stop on some plays. When he things he has been beaten, he doesn’t charge hard after the football.

Jacquies Smith will have an uphill battle if he is going to make this football team. He will have to show that he does have a consistent motor. If he does that, and can add some size, you never know.