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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Kyle Brady

By Alan Schechter

One of the more controversial choices in Jets draft history, Kyle Brady.Today’s “Where Are They Now?”, needs very little introduction. He played tight end for our beloved New York Jets, chosen in the 1995 draft. And if you don’t remember who this guy is, just say “WE WANT SAPP!” and you will remember all that you need to remember. The spotlight is on former TE Kyle Brady.


The year was 1991. Specifically, we are at the 1991 NFL draft. The Jets had the 9th pick of said draft, and Warren Sapp was the hot choice. As picks went by, the crowd was buzzing. Warren Sapp had not been chosen. It finally got to the Jets’ choice, and Sapp was available.

The time is ticking on the Jets’ pick, and the New York crowd is going crazy. “We want Sapp! We want Sapp!”, is echoing through Radio City Music Hall. Jets fans know who they want. However, when commissioner Rozelle steps up to the mic, he announces that the Jets select tight end Kyle Brady. Understandably, Jets’ fans were not happy. Used to it, but still not happy.

Kyle never performed anywhere near the value of the 9th pick overall. Take a look:

I don’t have to tell you how Warren Sapp performed.


To his credit, Kyle Brady worked hard for, and was able to achieve a broadcasting career following his playing days. He attended workshops set up by the league and the NFLPA to help players get ready for broadcasting careers. He was hired by the Big Ten Network in 2009.

Kyle has also enrolled at the Florida Coastal School of Law.