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New York Jets:The Geno Smith Project: Vol. I

By JETSerious

The Geno Project: Vol. I kicks off a series that will evaluate the Jets 2nd round pick Geno Smith. Each article will include the strengths in his play, as well as his needs for improvement.


Coming into the draft, Geno Smith was regarded as the best Quarterback prospect. He put up big numbers, but more importantly, he didn’t turn the football over too often. Now that he’s a Jet? The fire cooled down. Geno is a “diva” now. Nevertheless, he’s “Franchise QB” material in my eyes, and I’ll show you why, breaking it down in the film room.


Geno Smith passes the “Flinch Test”, as @hashtagfrankie likes to call it. Here’s some good evidence…

Notice how Geno stands in the pocket, and delivers a strike outside of the numbers. The job of a QB is all about knowing you’re going to get hit, but you’re going to stand in there and deliver the football. The job also requires the QB to keep his eyes open as the defender arrives on impact.

This is one area in which Mark Sanchez has struggled in. A lot of the time it seems as if Mark is closing his eyes, saying a prayer, and chuckin’ it up. The game vs. Arizona, in which Kerry Rhodes gets a pick, comes to mind.

The point is this… Geno Smith has the guts. It’s just a matter of getting it done on the field, in the NFL.

Room for Improvement

Although Geno has the guts to get it done under pressure, he has struggled to do so on a consistent basis. Just because the image above is an example of Geno getting it done the right way, doesn’t override the fact that he can improve in these types of areas in his game. I do, however, believe the image above is a great example of his ceiling and potential to succeed at the NFL level.

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