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New York Jets Profile, S Bret Lockett

By Alan Schechter

Aug 18, 2011; Tampa, FL, USA; New England Patriots defensive back Bret Lockett (26) gets carted off the field after being injured during a preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Fernando Medina-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s profile is a guy, last seen in the uniform of the rival New England Patriots. As pictured to the right, he was being carted off the field in the 2011 preseason, and ended up on season ending injured reserve. He was first an undrafted free agent of the Cleveland Browns, before finding his way to New England. He played in the UFL last year, and is now trying to find a spot at safety for the Jets. Spotlight on S Bret Lockett.


Bret Lockett stands at 6’1″, and weighs in at 220 pounds. At his March 2009 pro day, he ran the forty yard dash in 4.45 seconds.

Here are his stats from UCLA:

Take a look at some video on Lockett from his 2012 season in the UFL:

PROS: His speed is first-rate. You see the numbers on it listed above, but you can see it on the tape when you look at how fast Lockett comes up to help on the run. He has a nose for the football, and is right there on every play. And when he gets to make a play, he wraps up and tackles like a textbook tells you to. He does not miss.

CONS: Bret Lockett has one major con, and that is a lack of effect on the pass defense. You see it on paper, with no INTs to his credit in college. Watch the tape and you see it as well. The highlights are about him coming up to make the tackle, not about an INT. Not being great in pass defense will put him behind.

That all being said, the safety position is one that the Jets still need help with. Bret Lockett will have the chance to be that help.