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Battling a Case of the Mondays? Watch These New York Jets Highlights

By Alan Schechter

Having a case of the Mondays? Well enjoy these highlights from days gone by.

Remember this movie? “Office Space” was a comedy about the day to day drudgery of working in an office, something a lot of us can relate to. It’s about being lectured by the boss, having people repeatedly tell you your responsibilities, and go through life not making money or being satisfied.

There is a point early in the movie when the group of main characters are depressed. Another office mate comes over and accuses them of having a “case of the Mondays”. You know what that is, that blue feeling we have, getting back to work after the weekend. The week feels so long, so far away from the next weekend. Personally, I go through this every single week.

So I thought, what is a good way to beat that case of the Mondays? How can we feel better, to get the week going on a better foot. Watch some great Jets’ highlights, that’s how? Why didn’t I think of that before?

So, we have the 2010 divisional playoff game against the Patriots for you to enjoy:

And, from early this season, week 1 against the Bills, when we got to believe for one week that we had a high-powered offense:

If you have some time, here is the opening week from our “Hard Knocks” season:

Finally, highlights of the 2010 Wild Card game against the Indianapolis Colts:

I hope you enjoyed these clips, and got you through your Monday just a little bit easier.