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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Glenn Foley

By Alan Schechter

Glenn Foley came into the NFL with a lot of promise that just didn’t become realized during his time with the New York Jets.

Continuing in our look back series known as “Where Are They Now?”, we are going to take a look at another player not so beloved in New York Jets’ history. Unlike Browning Nagle, who was chosen early in the draft, today’s topic player was chosen late.

He was given a chance to make his way into the starting lineup, but, like Nagle, he was just never able to play well enough to handle the position long-term, despite a great college career.  Today, we take a look at quarterback Glenn Foley.


Glenn Foley was a local kid, playing his high school ball in Cherry Hill, NJ. He played his college ball at Boston College, and became well-known for engineering an upset of Notre Dame in 1993 to knock them out of National Championship contention. He also finished 5th in the Heisman voting that year.

Here are his stats from Boston College:

He clearly had ability, and the Jets chose him in the 7th round of the 1994 draft, with the 208th pick overall. However, he never was able to start consistently, not performing well enough, instead playing sporadically for the Jets through the years 1994-1998 before being traded to the Seahawks. Here are his stats:

Foley had his best chance to take a strange hold on the job in 1998, and it started out quite well. Despite a loss week 1, he outgunned Steve Young by going 30-58 passing for 415 yards and 3 TDs. However, he lost the following week, in came Vinny Testaverde, and the rest was history. Glenn started one more game before being moved to the Seahawks in 1999, and being gone from the NFL a year later.


These days, Glenn Foley has been able to keep his nose in the game, although no longer a player. In 2011, Foley was named director of football operations for the New York Sharks, who are a professional woman’s football team with the Women’s Football Alliance. The Sharks are the winningest team in women’s football history.

He now is a camp director at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Foley resigned from his position as Head Football Coach at Valley Forge Military Academy in April, 2011. He is currently working as quarterbacks coach for Football University (FBU).

So he didn’t have a great playing career, but has made a successful life after football.

#4, the quarterback, Glenn Foley.