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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Browning Nagle

By Alan Schechter

Browning Nagle was supposed to be the quarterback of the future for the New York Jets in the 90s.

For today’s edition of “Where Are They Now?”, we are looking at a guy that was supposed to be beloved in Jets’ lore, but, it didn’t turn out that way. He was selected in 1991 to be the heir apparent to Ken O’Brien at quarterback, and had one good start, before it all turned sour.

So, instead of being a beloved choice in Jets’ history, he is on the list of jokes. Let’s check in with former quarterback, Browning Nagle


Browning Nagle did post an excellent college career at Louisville under Howard Schnellenberger, including being named on of the MVPs of the 1991 Fiesta Bowl.

Then comes the NFL draft. There was a great deal of talk at the time, that the Jets were going to take a guy from Southern Mississippi named Brett Favre with the 34th pick overall. However, that plan fell apart when the Falcons chose Favre immediately before the Jets with the 33rd pick.

So, the Jets were left with Browning Nagle, and coach Bruce Coslet, with his staff, spent a great deal of time grooming Nagle to become the starting quarterback of the New York Jets. After throwing 2 passes in 1991, Browning became the starter in 1992. And it was a brilliant start, week 1, Nagle went 21-37 for 366 yards and 2 TDs. Although the Jets lost 20-17 that night, a lot was expected of Browning going forward.

Those expectations were not to be, as he only had one more game that year where he threw for 200 yards, threw only 5 more TDs against 17 INTs, and then was relegated to the bench. He was in New York for one more year before moving to the Colts, starting one game, and then moving along to the Falcons as a backup. He played in the AFL for two seasons before retiring from the game in 2000. Here are his NFL stats:

Mark Sanchez doesn’t look so bad after reading this now, does he?


Today, Browning Nagle makes his money in the medical device industry, and has been doing so since he retired in the year 2000. Currently, he is the senior manager of a company known as Medtronic Spinal and Biologics.

He lives just outside Memphis, TN, with his wife, Mallie Jo, and his two children, Browning Jr, and Savannah Clair.

An experiment gone bad, but leading a successful life now, quarterback Browning Nagle.