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BREAKING: New York Jets’ QB David Garrard Forced to Retire Over Knee Injury

By Alan Schechter

Aug. 4, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback David Garrard (9) during a scrimmage at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

And the quarterback competition is down to four.

Reports are out today, and David Garrard told Sirius XM radio host Adam Schein that he is going to be forced to retire from the NFL. His injured knee is not holding up, and forcing him to leave the game early. So, if there is a veteran to compete with Mark Sanchez for the starting job, it will not be David Garrard.

This is especially bad news for Jets’ fans that were hopeful that Mark Sanchez would not be the starting quarterback come week one. The Jets are not going to rush rookie Geno Smith into the job, so this makes the case more strongly for Mark Sanchez starting week one for the New York Jets.

It’s a tough break for David, but if he knows that his knee isn’t going to make it, he is right to pack it up and go home, rather than have the Jets invest time on him.

As the current roster stands, it’s the biggest break for Greg McElroy, as it gives him a shot to slip back into the third string.

It may be quiet from the front office, but still never a dull day in New York with our team.