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New York Jets’ UDFA Profile: DT Roosevelt Holliday

By Alan Schechter

Sep 10, 2011; Evanston, IL, USA; Northwestern Wildcats running back Treyvon Green (22) runs against Eastern Illinois Panthers defensive tackle Roosevelt Holliday (90) during the first quarter at Ryan Field. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing by popular demand, our profiles of the Jets’ new class of undrafted free agents. Time to give another one of the lesser known players a little bit of exposure, and see what they are good at, what they can improve on, and how they might fit with the New York Jets. Today we take a look at another defensive lineman, DT Roosevelt Holliday from Eastern Illinois University.


Roosevelt stands at 6’2″, and weighs 307 pounds. At Illinois Pro Day(not invited to the Combine), he ran the 40 yard dash in 5.24 seconds.

Note, was unable to find statistics anywhere. If any commenters find stats for Holliday, feel free to put them in your comments.

Here is some video on Roosevelt Holliday, see what you think:

PROS: He is quite strong. It’s evident as he uses his strength to fight through linemen to the ball carrier. He also has a quick first step at the snap. There is more than one occasion that it took one step, and boom, as John Madden would say, Holliday has inside position to make the play. He tackles violently, he throws his man down! I like it.

CONS:It was hard to see really specific technique issues, as much of the tape was recorded from a distance. I’ll try to give you a couple of things. Maybe he could use a bit more bulk at 307 pounds. Again he comes from a small school, so you wonder about the competition, as well as the fact that he plays defensive line, a deep position for the Jets. He gets to the passer, but I don’t see a lot of technique there. If an NFL lineman can stop his strength, he needs a variety of moves which he doesn’t have yet.

It will be tough, but Roosevelt Holliday will have a chance to make this team. If he can perform on special teams, that will give him a better chance. Good luck to him.