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New York Jets’ UDFA Profile: OT Trey Gilleo

By Alan Schechter

Trey Gilleo will get a chance to add depth to the New York Jets’ offensive line.

So who’s next on our walk through the Jets’ class of undrafted free agents? He is a guy that plays a position where the Jets hurt for depth, and have for quite a while, the offensive line. Specifically, he plays offensive tackle. He went to school at Northern Arizona University, and his name is Trey Gilleo. The spotlight is on him this morning.


Trey Gilleo stands at 6’7″ and weighs 309 pounds. At pro day, he ran the forty yard dash in 5.4 seconds.

I was able to locate some highlight video on Gilleo, so let’s take a look, and we’ll talk, as usual, on the other side. Watch carefully as they don’t circle him, he is #72.

PROS: The first thing that sticks out to me is his feet. He drives off the ball and sticks it to the man in front of him. Did you see the one play where his opponent tries to go over the top, and Gilleo just throws him down like he’s a feather? Awesome. He clearly has terrific strength as well. He also is deceptively quick. You see it how he quickly can get off his initial block, and to the second level. You can also see it particularly on one play where he looked like he was beaten, that his guy had inside position. However he quickly recovered and took his guy down.

CONS: One thing that I found to be a bit questionable is his hand technique. If you look, you see he has a tendency to get his hands outside of the shoulder pads of his opponent. If he keeps that habit at the next level, that will lead to a problem with holding calls. You also worry about a lower level of competition any time you get a player from a smaller school

This young man clearly has tools. Trey Gilleo has the ability to make this football team, and the Jets need offensive line depth. We wish him luck as he works hard to make this team.