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New York Jets’ UDFA Profile: DT Spencer Nealy

By Alan Schechter

Jan 4, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas A

Time to continue our journey through this deep class of undrafted free agents that John Idzik has brought along. This morning, we look at a position that was successful last season in the world of undrafted free agents. Last year, the class brought us DT Damon Harrison. Today, we look at Texas A & M defensive tackle, Spencer Nealy.


Spencer stands at 6’3″, and weighs 285 pounds. At his Pro day, he ran the 40 yard dash in 5.27 seconds. Here are his statistics from his years at Texas A & M:

Here is some tape on Nealy from a game against Alabama this past season:

PROS: The first thing that jumps out is his brute strength. Whether he makes the play or not, he is moving his opponent backwards. There is one play in particular around 1:20 into the tape where he gets his shoulder inside his opponent, and just drives the guy back into the ballcarrier. Very impressive. For those of you that are Knicks fans, I will say what I like next in Walt “Clyde” Frazier style. He is agile and versatile. Versatile, in that his moved inside and out. Agile, with the ability to get his hands into the passing lane if he doesn’t get to the quarterback.

CONS: He is a little undersized for an NFL DT. You would like to see him gain about 15 pounds to compete with the larger NFL linemen. He doesn’t seem to have a great deal of pass rush moves, and he sometimes is guided out of the running lane fairly easily. He has his speed off the ball used against him, moving him out of the running lane.

The biggest con for any defensive lineman coming into Jets camp is the depth chart. The Jets have a lot of defensive linemen, so making this team is going to be difficult. Spencer comes in with an uphill battle to fight, but he will get his chance.