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The Bama Hammer Scouts New York Jets’ CB Dee Milliner

By Alan Schechter

Apr 26, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets first round selection cornerback Dee Milliner is introduced to the media at the New York Jets Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Around here, we do a lot of scouting of the players, drafted and undrafted, that come to this team. We give you the pros and cons and how they will fit in with our beloved New York Jets.

Well, this morning I wanted to bring you some scouting from a guy that watched one of our newest players, every day. Thomas Watts writes for our Fansided site that covers Alabama,

They do an excellent job covering Alabama Crimson Tide sports, so I reached out to them for some up close scouting of our newest cornerback, Dee Milliner.  Here is what Thomas had to say about him:

Saban runs a lot of zone looks, and Milliner excels in zone. He uses his straight line speed to close on a ball and make a play. He has shown some good man cover skills, but they certainly aren’t as strong as he is in zone. One piece of tape worth reviewing, though, is his game against Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert. Milliner was able to effectively man up against the 6’6 tight end and contain him throughout the BCSCG in January.

One point that Dee has to work on is his backpedal. Nick Saban prefers the three-step shuffle to the backpedal so if Ryan prefers his corners backpedal, then he will have to really zero in on that technique.

To answer your question about taking over for Revis…not yet. He doesn’t have Darrelle Revis’s man cover skills. He might not ever develop skills to that level. I will say that if Ryan runs more zone, or some sort of cover 2 man look, he can definitely perform at a high level. He certainly did that at Alabama.

This concerns me a bit, as we know how much Rex likes to go man to man, although he is flexible. He must have man cover skills, if he was able to take out Eifert man up for an entire game. That speaks volumes to what Dee can be.

We thank Thomas for taking the time this morning. Please, for any Alabama sports news, check out  Thomas is a staff writer there, and they do an excellent job covering anything and everything regarding the school and its athletics.