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BREAKING: Darrelle Revis to Visit Tampa Bay and Undergo a Physical

By Alan Schechter

It looks like we are saying goodbye to this face pretty soon after all.

Albert Breer is reporting this morning that Darrelle Revis has been given permission to visit with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and take a physical while he is in Tampa.  Without overstating the obvious, Revis passing a physical would clear the way or a trade to consummated.  It’s been widely assumed that a trade is going to happen, due to Darrelle’s contract demands.  Without him backing off his wants, this day became inevitable.

Should the physical go well today, the development of a trade could occur rather quickly, so stay tuned.  The big question that will come up quickly is, “How much will the Jets be able to bring back for Darrelle?  In the spirit of rebuilding, how many draft picks were the Jets able to acquire, especially in 2013.

This is a major break in the trade discussions, but as we know, Tampa Bay was the only team to have serious interest.  It has appeared that the teams have been playing “chicken” with each other, each waiting for the other to blink regarding the compensation, and finally found that break.  If he is going to TB for physical, it must mean that a trade is close.

Here we go……….