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On This Date in New York Jets’ History: It’s a New Era

By Alan Schechter

1963 was a big year in the history of the New York Jets.

This is a silver anniversary we look at “On this Date in Jets’ History”. Today, fifty years ago, was a big one in Jets’ history, and it’s a day we are aware of, even thought many of us weren’t around to have seen it.

Our story actually begins four years prior, in the year 1959, when the team entered the league as the Titans. We all “love” watching them play in THOSE, don’t we? I know I hate them, but what can I tell you? Our team had entered the league as the New York Titans.

Fast forward four years, the date is March 28th, 1963. On this date, a five man purchasing team, headed by Sonny Werblin, and including future sole team owner Leon Hess, bought the team for $1 million. The group also decided to change the team’s name to the New York Jets.

On this date, April 15th, the change of team name was made official. The interesting part of the story was the actual logic involved, as to why to make the change, from “Titans”, to “Jets”.

The first reason was that the world was entering the “Jet age”.