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Todd McShay Mock Draft Version 4.1: The New York Jets Select………….

By Alan Schechter

Todd McShay has made an interesting update to his mock draft.

Any follower of the NFL draft knows the name Todd McShay. He is a draft insider with ESPN, whom we see as much as Mel Kiper, Jr. He has great insight in to all things college football, and the NFL draft. He has put out his latest version of his mock draft, and has made an interesting choice with the Jets number 9 pick. Here’s the choice:


Interesting choice….take a look at some thoughts written on Cooper previously, by yours truly.

Don’t get me wrong, this young man is an excellent football player.  He has great footwork, great upper body strength.  There are a lot of positives to Cooper.

I still, as I have mentioned before, don’t like the idea of taking a guard at number 9.  In my opinion, if an offensive lineman is to be taken that early, it should be a left tackle.  The “blindside” is the most important spot on the line, and that is the spot that should be used in the top 10.  Guards can be found later on, and you don’t even need the draft.  Brandon Moore, as we have mentioned, was an un-drafted free agent.  He did pretty well, don’t you think?

Finally, if they ARE going to take a guard with the 9th pick, why not Warmack?  He is available in this mock scenario, as Todd has him chosen with the 11th pick.  Warmack is regarded in most circles as the better prospect, why wouldn’t the Jets take him?

Just one man’s opinion.