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2013 Fansided NFL Mock Draft: The New York Jets Select……

By Sean Lester Durham

This week’s Fansided 2013 NFL Mock Draft has the Jets selecting a pass rusher that most Jets fans should essentially be very happy with but surprisingly due to the over analyzing and poor offseason, has seen his stock drop just a bit but in the end, that really shouldn’t matter.  Lets look at Fansided’s pick for the Jets and dive into some brief analysis.

The Selection:

9. New York Jets – Jarvis Jones, OLB/Georgia

Jarvis Jones was falling in the draft due to questions about his health, but he claimed the problem wasn’t that serious and doctors have apparently agreed. After clearing up the issues about his health, Jones is back to being a top prospect and that’s good news for the Jets. New York needs a lot of things and one of those things is a top linebacker. Jones can step right in and be a much needed breath of fresh air for a defense that was consistently embarrassed in 2012.”

Jarvis Jones possess the necessary skills and attributes to add speed and tenacity to the Jets defense.

The Prospect:

By now, my thoughts on Jarvis Jones are well documented and in case you have been living under a rock the past few months, here’s recent thoughts on Jarvis Jones by yours truly……

Bottom line:

The Jets are in desperate need of someone to rush the passer and Jarvis Jones has all the tools and attributes to be that “someone”.  Jones is the best, most complete OLB in the draft but he’s by far the best pass rusher and if the Jets have an chance to take him then they need to jump on the chance to do so and give their defense that furious edge rusher they so desperately need.

And here is some video to take in. Imagine this guy in green and white: