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New York Jets: Top 10 Draft Picks Since the Year 2000: #3

By Alan Schechter

Aug 2, 2011; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets player Jerricho Cotchery speaks at a press conference during training camp at the Jets training facility. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we talked a bit about the former Jet pictured to the right, Jerricho Cotchery. One of the “Flight Boys”, he was known not only for his performance on the field, but his leadership off of it. He may have only produced one 1,000 yard receiving season in New York, but his influence in the locker room has been sorely missed.

He produced an intangible that put him squarely at #4 in our countdown of the 10 best Jets’ draft picks since the year 2000. On this Saturday afternoon, as John Idzik and company continue to prepare for April 25th, and the start of the NFL draft, we are going to continue to look back at the 10 best picks since 2000. Here is the list so far:

10. David Harris09. Mark Sanchez08. Laveranues Coles07. Shaun Ellis06. Chad Pennington05. Leon Washington

and finally:

04. Jerricho Cotchery 

Now, we move along to #3.  We talked about #3 as a guy that didn’t always show his value in the boxscore.  Well, you could say the same thing for our next choice, because he is an offensive lineman.  He was the first choice of the Jets in the bountiful draft that was 2006, the fourth choice overall.  His name?


Aside from anything else, Ferguson gets high marks on this list for holding down a position that couldn’t be more important.  Whether you have seen the movie or not, if you are a football fan you know that the “Blind Side” is arguably the most important position along the offensive line, which is why you see the position chosen before other line positions in the draft.  Because he is essential to the safety of the quarterback, and you want to protect that major investment.

And D’Brick has done a fine job.

His personal performance has reflected his worth, making 3 straight Pro Bowls from 2009-2011.  He has also been quite the durable man at left tackle, starting every game since he arrived on the scene in 2006.

And don’t forget the performance of the running game, especially since Rex came a long.  The Jets had a top flight running game beginning in 2009, which is coincidentally when D’Brick started performing at the Pro Bowl.

An obvious choice, and one that deserves the high ranking.  LT, #60, D’Brickashaw Ferguson.