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How Must the New York Jets Perform in 2013 for Rex Ryan to Keep His Job?

By Alan Schechter

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Tweet-Speak”, our new weekly column where you, the J-E-T Press fans and readers, answer a question via Twitter, and see your thoughts and opinions featured here on the website.

March 19, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan answers questions from reporters during the annual NFL meetings at the Arizona Biltmore. Mandatory Credit: Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan is coming into a big year in his career as the New York Jets coach. Some might call him a “lame-duck”, but we all can agree that he is going to have to get a lot out of the Jets in order to earn the right to come back in 2014. So, I posted the question in Twitter, “How many wins do the Jets need in 2013 for Rex to keep his job?” Here are some of the responses I received from you guys:

@thejetpress not about wins, more about command and development of the team. Play smart, physical, disciplined, and maximize talent.

— Tyson Rauch (@TRauch21) March 20, 2013

An excellent point from our friend Tyson Rauch of “JetNation” and his “the Jets Setter” videos. John Idzik will have to take notice if the team is developing well.

@thejetpress I don’t think the number matters he needs 2 do as promised & win that divisionOr at the very least another playoff appearance

— michael Laventure Jr (@SonicMaster212) March 20, 2013

@thejetpress # of wins wont & dont matter, they need back in the playoffs.

— Shane (@pabowhunter75) March 20, 2013

Interesting, at least a bit of a groundswell that Rex needs to get back in the playoffs in order to keep his job. Maybe so. John Idzik would certainly have a hard time justifying letting Rex go if the Jets go back to the playoffs in 2013.

@thejetpress Needs to have a winning record at least 9-7

— King (@MSavage18) March 20, 2013

@thejetpress 8-8. Seeing progress is key.

— John Karam (@Gridiron_JohnK) March 20, 2013

So the general feeling splits at the fact that they need to show progress, without a specific win total, and 8-9 wins with a playoff appearance.

We will find out soon enough.