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New York Jets Free Agency 2013: Best Signings of All Time: #8

By Alan Schechter

Ty Law had a big year for the Jets in 2005.

With March 12th, and the beginning of the free agency period rapidly approaching, we have been looking back. While John Idzik and company have been beginning to form a plan of action for moving forward, we are looking back. Specifically, we are looking back at ten of the best free agent signings in Jets team history.

So far, we have looked at Alan Faneca, and then we looked at Bart Scott.  Now we move along to our #8 best free agent signing.


If you look back at team history, you might find this one a curious choice, and I can understand why.   After all, the team went 10-6 in 2004 making it to the divisional playoff game before their season ended.  They acquired Law in 2005, and finished 4-12, so you might wonder why I made that choice.

First of all, you look at the season he put up after he signed in 2005.  After spending 10 years with rival New England, he signed a 1 year contract with the Jets in 2005.  That year, he put up a career high 10 INT’s, returning one to the house for a pick six.   It was also the final year of his career that Ty Law made the Pro Bowl, and was the only elected Jet in 2005.

The second reason I include this move is the thought behind it.  Think about where they were coming from in 2004.  They went 10-6, and if Doug Brien were a decent field goal kicker, the Jets would have been in the AFC title game against hated rival New England.

So, going into 2005, the question was, “How do we get past New England?”  The Jets were looking for that next step to get past New England, and take control of the AFC East.  To their credit, they signed a veteran presence from the Patriots defense.  If anyone could provide the team the expertise to get to the top, it was Law.

And to his credit, Law put up a career year for the New York Jets.  Yes, the team finished the season 4-12 , and that was the end of Herman Edwards.  But, we cannot hold that against Ty Law, or the premise behind bringing him in.

And that is why he is on the list.