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Top 5 New York Jets Draft Picks in the 2000’s: Number 4

By Alan Schechter

Time to continue our countdown of the top 5 draft picks in the decade of the 2000s. We began yesterday with our post about Shaun Ellis.  Take a read if you haven’t yet.  Now, on to the fourth biggest draft signing in the 2000’s.”.


He was a beast last year, wasn’t he?  He was all over the field, and that includes special teams, as had a blocked field goal to his credit.  Mo was so good, there was a late campaign to get him votes to make the 2012 Pro Bowl.  As usual, to analyze the situation a little bit more, we go visit with our friends at Pro Football Focus.

Let’s look at some of what Mohammad did last year.  His 49.1 grade is firmly in second place, far ahead of most of the competition, and only second place to JJ Watt.  That season was so strange, you probably could take it out as something that doesn’t doesn’t really hold water this time around.

Not only was his overall grade good, but Mo actually was terrific on a week to week basis.  Aside from a down game in week 4 and week 12, Mo had only those two games as negatives, posting ratings as high as 7.4, one game with a six rating, and 2 other games with a  5 rating.

Going back to the sacks for a second, remember that Mo really came on in the second half of the season.   He just didn’t really have a good grasp of the defense yet, but around mid season, Mo took off. He was on a pace for 8 sacks, had the season been a complete on with Mo playing like a beast all season.

Pairing him with Quinton Coples was brilliant, as there abilities complement each other well. They will be dominant on the defensive line for years to come.

And that is the reason that Mo Wilkerson was the number 4 best pick of the 2000s.