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Watch “Flight 5 Live” Right Here at the Jet Press at 7 PM

By Alan Schechter

These flight boys might not all be here anymore, but the Flight 5 team is, and they are live at 7 PM

At the Jet Press, we like to take care of our friends, and tonight is no exception.

You might remember, back a several weeks ago, I was the guest co-host of a program here in New York called the “Flight 5”, where we talked about the upcoming Jets game, Braylon Edwards,…etc. Well, they have come to us with a problem, and we were happy to help provide a solutions.

You can typically watch their program on their website, however, their website is still undergoing mainetenance from last week, and it is not up and running yet. So, as gracious as we are here, and Jets fans look out for Jets fans, you can watch their program right here at the Jet Press. Isn’t that great?

So all you need to do is come back to this post at 7 PM, and press play on the video below and that is it. You can watch the show live comfortably here at the Jet Press. Have a great Friday night, and enjoy the show. I plan to.

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