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On This Date in New York Jets History: The Jets Go More Green

By Alan Schechter

The helmet that debuted in 1978.

For this installment of “This Date in Jets History”, we go back 35 years to see this move to a new look.

For most of the team history, they were wearing the same uniforms that the current team wears, the basic while with green color scheme.

On February 21, 1978, the Jets announced their first uniform change since 1963,when they went from being the Titans to being the Jets. With this change, they started wearing the green helmet with white letters, as shown in the picture. The jersey changed lettering fonts, and were a complete departure from the uniform of years gone by.

Take a look:

What did you all think of these uniforms? As a kid, I wasn’t introduced to the NY Jets until 1985, when the new uniform was already in use. I hadn’t had experience with the old jerseys, although it was exciting to see the Jets return to the scheme of the old days. However, I thought these uniforms were actually pretty cool, and wish that the Jets would wear these uniforms on throwback days. Instead of wearing those Titans uniforms that make them look like the University of Michigan, why not wear the cool green uniforms.

What did you guys think?