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What if All NFL Logos Were British: Jets Edition

By Alan Schechter

Check this out for a little fun.

I was made aware of a site called “Dave’s Art Locker“, where they ran a post showing us what NFL logos would look like if they were British.  I am not sure I am in love with the Jets logo, as it kind of makes fun of us.  But, I wanted to show it to you for some fun, see what you think.

Calling us clumsy was kind of mean, and having the plane upside down is not very nice, don’t you think?  But if they turned the plane upright, and actually wrote the word “Jets” on it, it might not be so bad.

Here are the logos for the rest of our division, just to see and take note:

Take a look at the link from the beginning of the post, to take a look at all 32 teams British logos. Some of them are rather creative, while some are not so much. The website artist was clearly trying to have a bit of fun, and that is what he did.

Imagine if the teams all did move to Great Britain. Would the logos look anywhere close to this? We’ll never know, but the link is a fun diversion.