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Presidents Day Rex Ryan Press Conference Highlights

By Alan Schechter

Jan 8, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan reviews the 2012 season and address changes for 2013 at the New York Jets Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

With Presidents Day coming to an end, what a better way to end it than to listen to some press conferences from our team. The President gives a lot of press conferences, so do football coaches. So let’s have some fun, and listen to some of our favorites.

Let’s look back at some of our greatest Rex Ryan moments, starting with the Snack speech:

Wasn’t that fun? What other coach could bring a speech where he was dressing down his football team, back to food?

Here are some other great moments, from 2010-2011:

How about when Rex told the world that other teams had to beat the Patriots besides the Jets:

See, not only did he coach us, but the Jets head coach was coaching up other teams as well.

Why Rex Ryan ever agreed to participate in the interview below, none of us will ever know?

OK, so maybe Rex Ryan isn’t very presidential at all, but it is still Presidents Day. We celebrate the country and its former leaders today, why not celebrate our leader?

The great Rex Ryan.