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How the New York Jets Spend their Money

By Alan Schechter

John Idzik comes on board with an interesting division of the spending amongst the positions on the Jets.

We talk a lot about the salary cap situation, and how the Jets and John Idzik need to work around it. We talk about specific contracts that Mike Tannenbaum wrote that have put the team in this position, and how they may have played a part of him losing his job. But how does the Jets spending breakdown at the different positions? Our friends at Over the Cap broke that down for us.  Take a look, first at the offense:

Let’s talk about these numbers a bit.  The Jets have the 9th highest amount committed at quarterback.  I know that will annoy a lot of people based on the production we have gotten at the position, but it’s true.  Teams spending less than us include the Falcons and the Packers, which tells us all we need to know about priorities here.

At running back, the Jets have the second least amount of money in the position, which seems to be an interesting choice for a team that was focused on running the football.  Clearly, the priority of the spending on offense has not been good.  Hopefully, Idzik can fix it.

Now, the defense:

You see?  The priorities are much improved here.  They got a lot of production out of the defensive line positions, but didn’t spend a heck of a lot of money.  They were much more frugal here.  They are near the top of the league at cornerback, but that we know about, with Mr. Revis and Cromartie on the same team.  The Jets have a lot of money invested in David Harris, which hopefully they can restructure, and as you can see the safeties are a bargain.

It seems that the Jets have spent much more wisely on defense than on offense.  These are just interesting numbers to look at, and put in perspective as we think about upgrades, and the salary cap.