Jets News

For the New York Jets, It’s a New Day

By Alan Schechter

New general manager John Idzik is changing the culture around the New York Jets, without making a major player move.

The other night, I was a bit blocked about what to write. It happens. But then, I had a conversation with my Dad about the team, and he is absolutely right, so I am going to pose the thought that my Dad posed to me.

Has anyone noticed what we have heard on the news about the Jets? Has anyone looked at the back pages of the local papers these days? What about Francessa? Have we heard anything about the Jets these days?

The answer is……..NO!

We have not heard a peep out of Florham Park lately, and the change was very stark. It happened almost immediately, after the hiring of the guy to the right, John Idzik. Remember how it was going right up until Idzik was introduced? Rumors continued, Rex was followed on vacation….etc. Press conferences were cancelled, we heard stories just about every day from this bunch. We won’t even go back to 12 months ago. But now…nothing. The difference is night and day.

We aren’t there of course, but the one difference that you can point to is the presence of John Idzik. Since he was introduced to the media, and he told them that if they had questions about him, look him up, there has been nothing. We haven’t heard a peep out of Jets central. Idzik has gotten them focused on the task at hand, rather than giving information to the media.

What we have is a change in the culture.  For the last three years, we have basically had to go through an “open door” policy with our Jets.  Everything they ever did, we knew about it.  It felt like we knew how often Rex ate, Darrelle went to the bathroom, or if Mark Sanchez had to sneeze.  Yes, they wanted to be a transparent group, showing the world what they do, but it got to be too much.

Now, we have a team that doesn’t let anyone in on what is going on, at least not yet.  The team is going to work, rather than showing their work off to the public.  They are keeping things close to the vest.

Isn’t it great?