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Throwback Thursday: New York Jets vs. LA Raiders 1982 Divisional Playoff

By Alan Schechter

Freeman McNeil rushed for 101 yards in the win of the Los Angeles Raiders.We talked about this season a lot in the past few months, today, we bring it back with a Throwback Thursday.

We go back to the playoffs of the 1982 sesaon, but not the “Mud Bowl”. I didn’t want to depress anyone, so the “Mud Bowl” wasn’t the way to go. So instead, we go to the week prior, to the AFC Divsional Playoff game, where the Jets took on the Los Angeles Raiders.

The Jets entered the game after beating up on the Bengals in the Wildcard game the week prior by a score of 44-17. The Raider had beaten the Browns 27-10 in the Wildcard round.

The game took place at the then home of the Los Angeles Raiders, the LA Coliseum. The Jets went out to a 10-0 lead in the first half, only to have the Raiders storm back to take a 14-10 lead after three quarters. A Scott Dierking 1 yard TD in the final period gave the Jets the 17-14 win, and the date in Miami that now lives in infamy.

What we have for you tonight is actually a portion of the footage from the first half. It’s interesting to watch what the team looked like back then, whether you are old enough to remember, or not. Watch a few minutes, or get comfortable and watch the entire thing. Here you go:

Enjoy the evening, Jet Pressers,