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New York Jets 2013 Salary Cap Carryover Announced

By Alan Schechter

John Idzik gets a little bit more money to work with .

It’s not much, but new general manager John Idzik will get a little bit of extra money under the salary cap.

The 2011 collective bargaining agreement allows each team, if they choose to, to carry over any unused salary cap space into the next league year. Pro Football Talk has provided a list of the carry over amounts for each team.  The Jets fall near the middle of the pack with a figure of $3.4 million.

The teams have the option to use this extra space, or to bypass it.  Last year the deadline was at the end of February, and several teams decided to pass it up.  This year, again according to Pro Football Talk, the deadline was December 29th, and all of the league’s 32 teams decided to carry over that unused salary cap space into 2013.  The Cowboys and Redskins are losing space due to cap penalties.

So, what does $3.4 million mean to the Jets?  Well, it doesn’t likely mean that they will be able to sign upper tier free agents like Reggie Bush or Anthony Spencer.  What it could mean, however, is a better chance of hanging onto a guy like LaRon Landry, or getting a mid-level free agent like Chris Ivory or Justin Forsett.