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New York Jets Throwback Thursday: 1988 Jets Week 16

By Alan Schechter

Ken O’Brien led the Jets on the game-winning drive to cap off an otherwise disappointing year.Tonight, we decided to bring you a “Throwback Thursday”, from 25 years ago.

1988 was near the end of Joe Walton’s time as coach of the Jets. The team had started to get away from him a bit, and he only lasted one more season. 1988 was amongst the many seasons that we Jets fans would consider disappointing. However, we received some relief the final week of the season.

This was a year the Jets and Giants met in the regular season, and the Giants’ playoff hopes were on the line. The Jets entered the game 7-7-1, looking to play spoiler with their housemates. The Jets were down late in the game, but then Ken O’Brien took over for a drive in the fourth quarter. Take a look:

It may not have been a great season, with a paltry record of 8-7-1. The final week of the season, however, did a lot to make Jets fans feel better. It was nice to put a wrinkle in the post season plans of Bill Parcells, Phil Simms and company. Anyone remember this game>

Anyway, just wanted to have a little bit of a Throwback night, look at some old highlights. Hope you enjoyed.