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Ray Rice Falls Off of Super Bowl Parade Float

By Alan Schechter

Feb 5, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens players including running back Ray Rice (center, black vest) ride down the street on a float during the Super Bowl XLVII victory parade at M

Ray Rice looks good here, but it wasn’t a good afternoon the entire way down the parade for him.

Video has emerged of Ray Rice actually falling off of the parade float while high fiveing Ravens fans. Don’t worry, he got up. That’s why it’s funny….take a look: (if it doesn’t come up on screen, it will tell you to open in a new window, click on it, it works)

He appeared on the local “Boomer and Carton” show here in New York and told the hosts that he fell as the float stopped short, but he was able to catch himself in a push up position and pop right back up.

On a day of celebration for Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, and the rest of the Baltimore Ravens, a bit of comedy was caught on video. For a guy that is adept at keeping his feet when running through linemen, he had some trouble keeping his feet while standing still on a float.

We only show it because he is OK, and we can all laugh about it afterwards. I have to say, though, it’s pretty funny, wouldn’t you agree?