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On This Date in Jets History

By Alan Schechter

Feb 6, 1990, Bruce Coslet becomes the 8th head coach in Jets history

Time to take a stroll down memory lane, back to this date 23 years ago.

Joe Walton’s time as the Jets head coach was coming to an end, as Giants Stadium was raining down with “Joe must go!” chants each and every week. A change had to be made, and Joe Walton was fired.

February 6, 1990, the Jets hired their replacement, making him the eighth head coach in team history. His name? Bruce Coslet, formerly the offensive coordinator under Sam Wyche with the Cincinnati Bengals. Coslet had been the engineer of a very effective no-huddle offense with the Bengals, so the hire was looked upon as a good one at the time. Reuniting with Boomer Esaison in New York was not seen as a negative either.

However, his tenure was not great, with one playoff appearance as a Wild Card to his credit, which ended up leading into the one year of Pete Carroll, followed by Rich Kotite.

This decision, among many in this era, that is looked upon poorly in history because of other candidates that were considered. What do I mean? Amongst the finalists for this job was a guy named Mike Holmgren.

Life could have been so different.