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Jets to Add Former Punter Louis Aguiar to the Coaching Staff

By Alan Schechter

Lous Aguiar is re-joining the Jets, in a coaching capacity.

Anyone remember this guy? It’s Louis Aguiar, and he is coming back to the New York Jets.

Our good buddy from “The Jets Blog”, Jake Steinberg, is reporting that the Jets are set to hire former punter Louis Aguilar to their coaching staff. For those who don’t remember, Louis was a punter in the league for 10 years, his first three with the New York Jets. His travels took him through Kansas City, Green Bay, and Chicago over his aforementioned 10 year career, with a 35 yard net average and only one block for his entire career.

During his three years with the Jets, Louis did not have a single punt blocked, and had his best numbers with regards to punts out of bounds, with 34 over the 3 seasons in New Jersey. Maybe that is because in the early 1990s, the Jets needed to do a lot pf punting so he got a great deal of practice. Those were not fun times back then.

In any event, the Jets have not confirmed the signing, so we don’t know what his role is going to be, but the word is that he is going to be an assistant special teams coach.

Would seem to make the most sense with him being a former punter.