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NFL Turns Down Request from Jets Regarding Their Facilities For Super Bowl 48

By Alan Schechter

MetLife Stadium, the home of Super Bowl 48.

Not a big deal, but an interesting bit of news that came out recently regarding Super Bowl 48 was worth mentioning.

The normal rule for a Super Bowl is that if the host city is an AFC city, the AFC team uses the host team’s practice facility, if the host is an NFC city, the NFC team uses the host team’s practice facility. Next year, we have a unique situation. Next year, with the Super Bowl taking place at MetLife, as we all know, there is an AFC host and an NFC host.

Due to this unique situation, the Jets and Giants came together to make a unique request. They asked the league that for the Super Bowl next year, the NFC team be directed to use the Jets facilities, and the AFC team be directed to use the Giants facilities. That way, rival teams of the Jets or Giants will not be wandering around their headquarters.

The league turned the request down, maintaining the standard operating procedure that the AFC team will use the AFC facilities, and the NFC team will use the NFC facilities. The request is understandable, and one the league should probably have agreed to. Does anyone really want Bill Belichick walking the hallways of Florham Park? I would think not. How about Mike Shanahan going through the Giants home? I bet Giants fans feel the same way we do.

No, the guest teams are not allowed to use office space, only common areas such as conference rooms. It’s not like Bill Belichick would be using Rex Ryan’s desk, far from it. But still, it would make a team uneasy to have one of their direct rivals using their team facilities. It would have been an easy request to accommodate, it kind of is silly for the NFL to turn it down.

After all, could you imagine the scene if Rex Ryan went to his bathroom and found Hoodie sitting in there?