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Jets’ Mark Sanchez with the Memorable Play of 2012

By Alan Schechter

Dec 30, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) drops to pass as Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams (94) rushes during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Jets 28-9. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Well, sort of. We all know about the struggles that our beleaguered quarterback had in 2012. I am still a supporter, as anyone who follows this website knows, but his play certainly made that difficult.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about why he still can be rehabilitated here in New York, if he is here come training camp. But this afternoon, I wanted to be equal opportunity for everyone that falls on the opposite side of the Mark Sanchez issue. It’s Tuesday afternoon, still early in the week, and we can all use a laugh. Turn on your sound, a,d watch Mark Sanchez’s most “memorable” moment of 2012:

Even as a Mark Sanchez supporter, I had to admit that the video made me laugh when you hear it with the added sound. I mean, sometimes, things are just so dumb that you have to laugh to keep from crying. The “butt-fumble” certainly falls under that category, that’s for sure.

I hope you all got a laugh out of it too. Enjoy your day, Jet Pressers.