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1982 New York Jets: A Look Back Concludes……….

By Alan Schechter

AJ Duhe nearly beats the Jets by himself with 3 INT’s.

We have been chronicling all year long, the anniversary of the 1982 New York Jets. We have said all along that this was a great year, but almost special. Today, we talk about why it was almost special.

30 years ago today, the Jets took on the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship game at the Orange Bowl in Miami. There was quite a bit of rain in the Miami area during the week leading up to this game. The Jets, at the time, were known for their speedy offensive weapons, so to counteract that, Don Shula had his field left uncovered, so it would become muddy and slow the Jets down. There was no rule about covering the field at the time, but one was instituted following that game.

As you will see below, Shula’s plan worked, as Richard Todd threw 5 INT’s, 3 to AJ Duhe(pictured), as the Dolphins earned a Super Bowl berth. Take a look.


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