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Woody Johnson Tries to Fool Everyone Once Again

By Alan Schechter

Jan 8, 2013; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets owner Woody Johnson reviews the 2012 season and address changes for 2013 at the New York Jets Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

He owns our football team so we are stuck with him. But, this man pictured to the right, if he never spoke again, it would be too soon.

Most, if not all of you Jet Pressers must have heard by now, but in case you haven’t, I will inform you. It appears that Woody Johnson is playing the blame game, trying to absolve himself of any responsibility for the Tim Tebow trade. According to former candidate for the GM job Ted Sundquist, he basically said he didn’t want Tebow, and that he gave in to being convinced by his football department.

Seriously? I am not sure anyone with a brain believes that.

First of all, this is the same man that was quoted as saying, “You can never have too much Tebow.” If Woody’s scenario is true, that would mean Tannenbaum forced him to say that. Come on…you are the owner, you get to do what you want. If you don’t want something it doesn’t happen, period. And that brings me to Tannenbaum. So, Woody, you are going to kick Tannenbaum while he is out the door? That is adult of you. Seriously? Even in the land of the Jets, it’s OK to just say something was a mistake and move on. We don’t need a scapegoat for EVERYTHING!

Earth to Woody Johnson, you are the owner of the football team. Nobody can be forced upon you, whether you want to admit it or not. Especially not someone that you said there can never be too much of. If you don’t want someone in your organization, you get to say no. Nothing gets forced on you. And Jets fans aren’t so stupid that we believe you when you say it. We actually have brains. We have been dealing with this football team for many more years than you have, and you can’t pull the wool over our eyes, so stop trying.

We believe you less and less every time you speak.