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BREAKING: Done Deal, John Idzik is the New General Manager of the New York Jets

By Alan Schechter

The Jets have found their new GM, and it’s John Idzik.

The Jets have finally found their replacement for Mike Tannenbaum, and they went out west to do it.

This morning, our buddy Jake Steinberg reported that Woody Johnson’s plane landed in Everett, WA, just outside of Seattle. Well, it turns out, this was to land their man. Reports are coming out at this hour that the Jets have hired John Idzik to be their next general manager. The final decision was between former GM of the Broncos, Ted Sundquist, and John Idzik, and it is going to be Idzik. The team has confirmed the hire.

John Idzik is formerly the VP of football administration with the Seattle Seahawks. His experience is with salary cap issues, as was Mike Tannenbaum’s. He worked closely with the personnel side, but doesn’t have scouting experience. He does have salary cap issues to deal with, but the main problem with this team is the talent and the depth, so this does prove to be an interesting hire. It’s certainly one we are going to remember, and keep an eye on, as Idzik looks to rebuild this roster. His choices for scouting, personnel, etc., will be key as well. We will talk more as information comes out.


Albert Breer of NFL Network is reporting that Rex Ryan will retain control over his staff, while Idzik will have final say over all personnel decisions. It also sounded to him like Idzik will not have the power to fire Rex in 2014, that will fall to Woody. Interesting..