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Report: John Idzik to be Named the Jets Next General Manager

By Alan Schechter

Have the Jets found their new man?

The Jets may have found their replacement for Mike Tannenbaum.

I say “may”, because the report that has surfaced is unconfirmed. Brian Bassett of The Jets Blog is reporting via a source that John Idzik will be named the next general manager of the New York Jets, replacing Mike Tannenbaum. The source was anonymous, and the Jets are confirming nothing to this point. For now, it is just a rumor, but we wanted to put it out there for you to be aware.

If Idzik is in fact the hire, it’s hard to really argue it at this point. Woody and Jed Hughes have taken their time and been throughout about the choice. They haven’t rushed into anything, whether that was because of guys turning down offers or not. And, has anyone seen the success of the Seattle Seahawks lately? I know I have, and bringing in a member of that organization is not a bad move at all. Hopefully, success will continue to follow Idzik. We will talk more about Idzik’s background when/if he is announced as the hire.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted as the information becomes available.