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Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk Making the Jets News Up Again

By Alan Schechter

Florio and the Pro Football Talk team are stirring the pot with Jets news…again.

Mike Florio and the crew over at Pro Football Talk are making up the news again with regards to the Jets. Again…or maybe still. But in any event, they are up to their old tricks.

I am not going to link up to his article because I don’t want him to get the hits, but basically, Jet hater Florio had the GM search in his cross-hairs. Yes, we all know that the search is taking a while. Are they having trouble? Mike Florio says he has the answer.

He wrote yesterday that team president Neil Glat is a part of the problem. According to Florio, Glat is asking “esoteric football questions”, and this is leading to a problem, saying that he will be involved in football operations.

What?!?! It’s a problem that he is asking football questions? Does that even make sense? If you were interviewing for an upper level position in an organization, doesn’t it stand to reason that you would have to answer questions about what that organization deals in? That’s just common sense. What else are they going to talk about? The weather? I think not.

The point is that Florio is making it up as he goes along, just to write a negative Jets article. If you want to speculate based on the situation as we know it, that’s fine. But the fact that the team president has asked football questions has nothing to do with it. Florio needs to keep his mouth shut, or write something that makes sense.