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Mike Tannenbaum Says Jets Haven’t Been Offered ‘Hard Knocks’

By Alan Schechter

Sep 25, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Maybe the Jets are still in the running for ‘Hard Knocks’ after all. Remember days ago, when we reported that the Jets have turned down the series?

That might not be the case after all.  Here are GM Mike Tannenbaum’s comments on the subject during his Thursday interview on Pro Football Talk:

“(I)t has not been offered to us, so right now we’re on the sidelines, and we don’t know who’s going to be asked at the end of the day,” Tannenbaum told PFT Live on Thursday. “But what I can say, Mike (Florio of PFT), is NFL Films, HBO Sports — they all did a great job. It was a great experience for us, it was good for our organization. I think those organizations are real pros and it was a good experience for us.”

Tannenbaum also left the door open for a second starring role in the show:

“I know there’s been speculation out there, so it was a great experience for us two years ago and, as we’ve said, if that was something that ever came down the pipe again, we would consider it, but that’s not where we’re at as of right now.”

I, along with a lot of other bloggers and reporters hope this doesn’t happen.  It’s also hard to say how truthful Mike is being here.  Yes, he says they have never been approached, but they still could have reached out to HBO and said they were no longer interested.

I only throw that out there because the Jets organization likes to throw things out there just to kick up speculation.  Ultimately, the Jets will not be on the show.

At least I hope not, because it’s a really bad idea.