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Jonathan Vilma Lawsuit is Sour Grapes

By Alan Schechter

Oct. 4, 2009; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Fujita (55) and linebacker Jonathan Vilma (51) celebrate against the New York Jets at the Louisiana Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE

If you follow this site, as well as most other NFL sites, you saw the big news development regarding Jonathan Vilma. In case you didn’t, he sued commissioner Roger Goodell in federal court in the state of Louisiana, the complaint being defamation of character. The former Jets linebacker claims that the commissioner made defamatory statements about him during the “BountyGate” investigation.

My response? Sour grapes!

You know the type of kid that, when he gets in trouble with a teacher, goes to the principal and says that the teacher is going after him for no reason? That’s what we have going on here, ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, Vilma has maintained his innocence. He has made that clear from day one.

Would you expect anything less from a football player? Do they normally accept responsibility when evidence points to their guilt? Not so much.

What better way to further your claim of innocence than by suing the guy that suspended you? Remember the kid principal analogy? Same idea.

But it doesn’t make it true.

Roger Goodell doesn’t just suspend for no reason. We can argue whether or not a full year was warranted, that’s a fair debate. But Goodell doesn’t suspend guys without evidence. He certainly wouldn’t make an unprecedented suspension, unless he had a lot of evidence.

And clearly, it’s good evidence.

Why else would Gregg Williams have admitted to everything? For his health? If the evidence wasn’t any good, don’t you think Williams would have fought back? He didn’t, and the reason for that is he is dead bang guilty.

So, Vilma is trying to tell us that, despite the evidence being so good against Williams, enough for him to allocute in public, the evidence against himself is bogus? Come on now, get real Jonathan.

Is it possible that he and the players haven’t seen all the evidence? Yes, that I believe. But this lawsuit? All it is sour grapes, Vilma trying to save face.

It’s silly, take your punishment like a man Vilma.