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Why Do Teams Hate the Jets?

By Alan Schechter

May 4, 2012; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan addresses media after first day of minicamp at the Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Many teams hate on the Jets, for a lot of reasons.  Chris Gross from has started a new series on the subject, click on the link for the full read, here are some highlights:

When it comes to hating on the Jets and making jokes about the team’s scarce struggles, there are three basic categories. There are the teams that have absolutely no right whatsoever to engage in such practice, there are teams that historically have been more of a laughing stock than the Jets have ever been, but have earned some recent bragging rights, and then there are teams that do, in fact, have the right to make all the fun of the Jets they want, until they are unseated from such a position. When looking division by division, the list of teams that has no ground to ever breathe a word of negativity about the Jets organization is much larger than the other two categories.

That’s all I am going to share, go to the link for the article, I didn’t want to give it all a way.  Rest assured, it’s a great read though.