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New Jets Spotlight: Damon Harrison

By Alan Schechter

This morning, we take a look at a guy that our friend Jake Steinberg is quite high on, and from what I have seen, he has every reason to be. He has already made his mark during rookie minicamp and is looking to do more. Spotlight on defensive tackle, Damon Harrison, from William Penn.

He comes in at 6’2″ 342 pounds. Just the right size, in my opinion, for a nose tackle in the Rex Ryan defense that could take up space on the line, and open up lanes for the playmakers. He ran a 5.60 forty yard dash on Pro day, and 34 bench press reps. He’s clearly a strong dude.

I’m going to go out of order for this one. Normally I show the video after I go through pros and cons, but I didn’t know a lot about this guy, so I looked at video first, and I am glad I did. Check it out:

Here’s what I see from what I see, and a bit from what I have read.

PROS:He is the size you want for a nose tackle. At 6’2″ 342, it will take hard work for two guys to block this guy, much less one. That will open up holes for others even when Damon isn’t making the play. Secondly, this guy has a serious nose for the football. I read a report that said Harrison is late finding the ball, but quite frankly I don’t know what they were talking about. Watch the tape, this guy is on the ball fast. He can bull rush through anybody, and doesn’t miss tackles.

CONS:I’m nitpicking here now because I didn’t see much. I saw he’s had some knee problems, so durability has been an issue. We have to be careful because we have been there with Kris Jenkins. Other than that, his speed is a bit slow so running guys down is difficult. He also doesn’t have an array of pass rush moves from what I have seen, but he doesn’t necessarily need them in the middle, and the way he can bull rush, he shouldn’t have a problem getting by just about anyone.

I am totally nitpicking though. I think Jake Steinberg is right on the money with this guy. He has the tools to be a force in the middle of the def line. I can’t wait to watch him at camp, and we wish him luck.