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Father’s Day Wish List for the New York Jets

By Alan Schechter

Sep 25, 2011; Oakland, CA, USA; New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

May is just about upon us Jets fans, and the time of year of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We begin to make plans for these occasions, and start to think about what we are going to do for our loved ones as far as gifts.

Well, I unfortunately am not a father, not yet. So I thought about it, and I wondered, in a parallel universe, where Mike Tannenbaum is my son, and his Jets signings equal my gifts, what would be on my list for Mike? I know he can’t fill the whole thing, but what, or in this cas whom, would I ask for? Here is what I came up with:

  • Joseph Addai-I have discussed this at length, so we don’t need to get into a great amount of detail.  He’s still under 30 years old, he can run the rock and catch it out of the backfield.  He would be a huge asset to the ground and pound as a change of pace to Shonn Greene.
  • Tim Hightower-If he can’t afford to get me Joseph Addai, I would be happy if Hightower would be in a box as my gift.  If he can stay healthy, he also can make a terrific change of pace to Shonn Greene.  He is an adept receiver out of the backfield.
  • Brad Maynard-I mentioned earlier that a Twitter follower felt we need competition at the punting spot, and he is dead on.  TJ Conley made nobody feel confident.  A veteran would be great, to either take the job, or at least make Conley play to his potential.  Maynard would fit the bill to perfection.  With a career average of over 41 yards per punt, he would make a great additon.
  • Yeremiah Bell-Due to the fact that Laron Landry has had health problems, and the rookies we drafted are just that, rookies, I would love to see them bring in a veteran healthy safety with a nose for the football, and Bell would do just fine.  5 picks over the last 3 years would be a guy that would fit in just fine.

This is just one guy’s wish list.  I’ll take one off the list, I’m not greedy.