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Checking the Pulse of the 2012 New York Jets Draft

By Alan Schechter

The Fansided is proud to introduce a new way to look at the draft, through a site known as draftpulse.  Instead of predicting what is going to happen in the draft, it takes a look at what players are generating the most buzz for our teams.

Learn more about it in the draft pulse about section.  Essentially, it keeps track of how often a potential draftee is mentioned in connection with a NFL team, and tallies it.

It also understands that all mentions are not necessarily positive, and the media gauge on the person’s picture allows for that as well.

Let’s look at the guys that are generating the most buzz for our beloved New York Jets.

Trent Richardson, fueled by the recent talks of a possible trade, leads the charge with 506 connections between the Jets and Richardson recorded by the site. Second, is Melvin Ingram with 378. Third, a bit of a surprise to me is Michael Floyd at 320. Mark Barron comes in fourth at 214, followed by Courtney Upshaw at 181 connections.

It’s a little surprising about Richardson, that today’s news pushed him up that far. No surprise about the defensive players, but I am shocked that Michael Floyd is coming in so high. Take a look at the site at the link provided earlier and enjoy.