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1987 New York Jets Draft

By Alan Schechter

In our look back at Jets drafts from the past, we take a look at the draft that is in its 25 year anniversary, the 1987 draft. (We will look at only the first 7 picks, the number of rounds today)

Round 1-The Jets had a good 1986, which left them picking at 21st on the first round.  The Jets chose FB Roger Vick with the choice.  He never fulfilled the promise he showed in college.  In his three years with the Jets, he never rushed for more than 540 yards, and never recorded more than 250 yards receiving.

Round 2-The Jets chose linebacker Alex Gordon with this pick.  After recording 5 sacks in 1987, he only had 4 over the next two years, before leaving the Jets for the Los Angeles Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals.

Round 3-The Jets stayed defensive with this pick, choosing linebacker Onzy Elam.  He never amounted to much, only being activated for 9 games over two years with the Jets.

Round 5-The Jets had no pick in the fourth round, so we move to the fifth round, where they chose defensive back Kirby Jackson.  He never even made the Jets, being cut by them and signing on with the LA Rams in 1987.

Round 6-The Jets finally returned to the other side of the football, choosing WR Tracy Martin.  His career lasted 12 games in 1987, without recording a catch.

Round 7-The seventh round pick was DT Gerald Nichols.  He had a modest career in New York, recording 11.5 sacks in four years with the team.

Not a great draft, 25 years ago.  But then again, it was the 1980s Jets, this was to be expected, unfortunately.